Notes to myself

2018-08-13 14.14.16

Notes to myself:

  • do not loose your inner voice – if you think you have lost it listen again it is all the time whispering inside;
  • no matter what you know what is best for you. You can feel it in your guts when something feels wrong;
  • do not be afraid to step up – you are compromising your own life;
  • do not give up even if you feel you do not hear anything inside – you are not alone just keep listening and you will hear;
  • if it is necessary force yourself to speak up and after some time you will do it naturally – just step by step;
  • do not expect from anyone anything;
  • it is ok to be afraid – it is just one part of you;
  • you can do whatever you want  – you will be fine;
  • first be kind towards yourself and then think about others.


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