One day = Today

Since I remember myself I have always lived with a thought that one day I will be living my best life, I will have the job I love and everything will be perfect. I just need to little bit wait and this day will come. No matter if I was in Latvia or now inContinue reading “One day = Today”

My own bully

These last few days have been quite challenging regarding my thinking way. I have been struggling a bit to have a clear and rational thoughts about myself. Even though I do not have a reason to be so hard on myself but I was not able to get back on the good side. And having these self made restrictionsContinue reading “My own bully”

Before the move

For me to come to first realizations about myself and how I am working as a person I needed over 20 years and still ongoing. But I never understood quite well that realizing and thinking I know what to do and really working on myself is two different things. That only with realizing I will notContinue reading “Before the move”

A Conversation

I was not planning to write this evening but I had a conversation with someone and it did not go in a way I was thinking. So I thought maybe to share my on of many experiences via life. I have been always a quite sensitive when it comes to judgment and judging others becauseContinue reading “A Conversation”